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Why choose Real Utilities?

In a nutshell, we want you to benefit from a cheaper, greener, simpler energy offer. That’s really all there is to it.

what is an embedded network?

Put simply, embedded networks are made up of the pipes, wires and equipment within a building or precinct, including electricity, gas, hot water, and air conditioning. This means occupiers can take advantage of any energy efficient or renewable energy technology available in the building. It also increases their energy buying power. 

How it benefits you.

  • You’ll pay less: we benchmark our gas and electricity rates* four times a year against the publicly advertised rates of the three biggest energy retailers in your area, ensuring your rates are always cheaper.

  • You’ll help the environment (at no extra cost): we use renewable energy sources and/or purchased carbon offsets to make our energy usage carbon neutral, meaning there is no negative impact on the environment as a result of your energy usage.

*This benchmarking process does not apply in relation to heating, cooling and hot water costs in developments that utilise thermal power.

embedded network

moving in is quick and simple.

Call 1300 16 16 68 and you’ll be powered up in no time.

Real Utilities and Frasers Property — partnering for the greater good.

Real Utilities is part of Frasers Property, one of Australia’s largest diversified property development companies, with a rich history dating back to 1924. Frasers Property designed and built the buildings, industrial and business parks and communities that Real Utilities services. That’s why you can be confident choosing Real Utilities as your energy provider.