Right across the globe, we’ve adopted the theme of ‘wellness’ to guide our Group’s approach to corporate and social responsibility. 

Here in Australia we have a partnership that expresses this theme: Live Life Get Active. Live Life Get Active is a community based fitness initiative championed by former Olympian Jane Flemming.

A passion for sustainability – both social and environmental – is another expression of this theme. We call our sustainability initiative A Different Way, and we’ve committed our business to creating places where resources are re-used, recycled and restored, to fostering new ideas and undertaking tangible initiatives to help people lead happier, healthier lives. It’s all part of encouraging our own people to contribute to the communities in which we work.

At Frasers Property, in over 80 cities across the globe and here in Australia since 1924, we believe experience matters.
Frasers Property and Smiling Minds